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Over 50% of start-ups in Switzerland fail in the first 5 years, that doesn’t have to be the case. If you would like to secure your investment, come to us, we will prepare a market analysis for your concept, we will help with the creation of the business plan. Not to get a risky loan from the bank, but to protect your investment. Even before the company is founded, we plan the right marketing and advertising concept together with you, because sufficient funds must also be taken into account for this. We take care of the legal issues and permits so that you can start successfully.

Kruse, Hans Peter

Hans-Peter Kruse


Sprachen: deutsch, englisch, französisch, italienisch

Kruse Julia

Julia Kruse

Design & Innenarchitektur

Sprachen: deutsch, englisch, russisch, ukrainian

Bruder Werner

Werner Bruder M.Sc.

Business Broker - Geschäfts- und Unternehmensnachfolge

Sprachen: deutsch, englisch

Marco Werner

Marco Werner

Business Broker - Gastro Consultant

Sprachen: deutsch, englisch


Remo Bär

Business Broker - Gastro Consultant

Sprachen: deutsch, englisch

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